Welcome! Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart is the only Catholic, all-girls Montessori-3 through Grade 12 college preparatory school in the State of Florida. We are part of an international network of Sacred Heart schools whose mission is to educate women leaders in the Sacred Heart tradition that fosters growth in an active faith in God, intellectual values and a commitment to social awareness in an environment of wise freedom and community.

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  • Spirit Store Donations to Financial Aid Program Reach $50,000

    The Carrollton Spirit Store is a true labor of love – for the school, for the students, and for merchandising. Started 3 years ago by Pilar Cendoya Alvarez-Mena ’77, the store is housed in the Fernandez and Argiz Families Wellness Center and staffed solely by alumnae volunteers, with the proceeds benefiting the school’s financial aid program.
    Pilar’s history with Carrollton is a long one. She has held many roles in trust; student, alumna, former High School Dean of Students, parent of three lifers, lifelong volunteer, and budding entrepreneur. In this latest role she has succeeded beyond all expectations, as evidenced by the latest contribution of the Spirit Store to the school. In October of this year Pilar presented a check for $10,000, for a total of $50,000 to the financial aid program in the short time since the store’s inception.
    A testament to her and her volunteers’ determination, the Spirit Store has become central to school life. New items, which she sources with great care, are eagerly awaited by parents, students and alumnae alike. An alumnae cocktail reception held in the store at the beginning of the school year has become a special gathering where old friendships are reconnected, and new merchandise is displayed.
    Carrollton is blessed to have Pilar and her team be such an integral part of our daily life. With perennial smiles and eagerness to serve their Alma Mater, these alumnae are examples of giving back to the community that played such a large role in their lives.
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  • The Feast of Mater Admirabilis

    For Sacred Heart students the Fall semester in the academic year is filled with special celebrations and remembrances. In October the Sacred Heart family celebrates the Feast of Mater Admirabilis, a fresco which has captured the hearts and imagination of generations of students. The story of how an unappealing fresco by a young novice came to be known and praised is well known. What might be less repeated is that Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat insisted a rendering of that image be placed in every school around the world with the intent that no matter where one found ourselves in our life’s journey, once one entered a Sacred Heart School, Mater would welcome one home.
    When we see her image, with a mantle on her shoulders, at rest from her chores and eyes downcast, we see a hope filled countenance which comes from her faith in and relationship with her God. She is a wonderful example of the hope that should permeate our daily lives. Students, alumnae and educators alike have benefitted from her daily presence in our lives as her serenity, wisdom, holiness and fealty emanates from her countenance. As we come to understand her knowledge of being God’s Beloved, our relationship to Mater takes a deeper meaning. An intimate bond with Our Lady is a life-long gift we receive as members of the Sacred Heart community.
    The Superior General of the Society in the mid-20th century, Marie-Thérèse de Lescure, RSCJ, wrote this prayer to Mater. May devotion to our Mater support us through all our days.
    Prayer to Mater
    Under the pressure of over-activity
    which at times consumes us, disturbs us, or
    scatters our energies in doing what is visible and accidential, let us
    come to our Mater.
    She is the Mother of the Invisible and
    the Mother of the Essential.
    Let us ask her to detach us, to free us
    from all that is not important,
    to lead us on, and to fix our gaze upon the invisible
    which her own eyes look upon.
    The Invisible Presence, the Invisible Life,
    the Invisible Action, the Invisible Love,
    all those things which are eternal values in us
    and the great realities of faith.
    May she keep us throughout our busy and
    overcrowded days
    in the radiance of things that are not seen
    and firm as if we beheld the Invisible.
    In the midst of non-essentials
    which invite and often distract us,
    we run the risk of encumbering our beings
    and confusing our values.
    May she give us the right understanding of the Essential
    and a hunger for it.
    One thing alone is necessary
    the will of God and the work of God’s love.
    May Mater give us this singleness of vision
    so that we, too, may see
    the Invisible and the Essential in all.
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"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat