2021-2022 Board of Trustees

List of 20 items.

  • Raphael Bastian SH '83, Chair

  • Sheldon Anderson

  • Antonio L. Argiz

  • Alan Atkinson

  • Judge Jerald Bagley

  • Annemarie Harris Block ’76

  • Frances de La Chapelle, RSCJ

  • Dr. Christian Diez

  • Angel V. Gallinal

  • Brad Hornbacher

  • Ann Jablonski, RSCJ

  • Olen Kalkus, Head Master

  • Laurie Weiss Nuell '75

  • Beba Padron

  • Roberto R. Pupo

  • Laura L. Russo '75, Vice-Chair

  • Ileana C. Sayre

  • Frances Sevilla-Sacasa

  • Ann Taylor, RSCJ

  • Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ Trustee Emerita


List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Olen Kalkus

    Olen Kalkus 

    Head Master
  • Photo of Paola Consuegra

    Paola Consuegra 

    Montessori & Primary School Head
  • Photo of Heather Gillingham-Rivas

    Heather Gillingham-Rivas 

    Intermediate School Head
  • Photo of Lourdes Wood

    Lourdes Wood 

    Junior High School Head
  • Photo of Hillary Feerick-Hillenbrand

    Hillary Feerick-Hillenbrand 

    Upper School Head
  • Photo of Timothy Cassel

    Timothy Cassel 

    Director of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Programs
  • Photo of Matthew Althage

    Matthew Althage 

    Director of Athletics/Physical Education Chair
  • Photo of Clyde Bertrand

    Clyde Bertrand 

    Director of Technology
  • Photo of Tom Cheleotis

    Tom Cheleotis 

    Director of Finance & Operations
  • Photo of Denise Ortega

    Denise Ortega 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Ebony Rhodes

    Ebony Rhodes 

    Director of Social Awareness and Community Relations
"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat