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Carrollton's Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Leading with Heart 2024-2029 is dedicated to the memory of Raphael Maria Bastian SH’83, P’16, '18 who worked tirelessly as Carrollton’s Board Chair to develop and launch this plan. 

By 2029, Carrollton is distinguished by its Catholic and Sacred Heart identity, core values, mission, and history. 

Pillar I is about why we are here, what we stand for, and what is necessary to carry on Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat’s vision for Sacred Heart Education. 

Our Catholic, Sacred Heart and Independent identity is core to our mission and our founding.  This Pillar will enforce who we are and how to continue meeting and exceeding the standards of a proud Sacred Heart school guided by the Goals and Criteria, our Catholic identity and our calling to form confident and courageous young women who go out and make positive change in the world.

By 2029, Carrollton is an accessible, diverse, and inclusive community rooted in wellness and belonging.

Pillar II is, at its core, about ensuring that Carrollton is represented by students, faculty, and staff from all walks of life. The Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria prioritize our different and diverse ways of thinking and perspective, while remaining committed to our mission and vision. Pillar II will call on all of us at Carrollton to expand our local and global lens and strive to build programs and opportunities to ensure qualified students are able to obtain a Carrollton experience regardless of socioeconomic situation. 

Additionally, this pillar not only reflects our core values but also serves as a guiding beacon for our initiatives, policies, and practices, ensuring that every decision and action contributes to a more welcoming, healthy, and holistic educational experience for all.

By 2029, Carrollton is a beacon of excellence in preparing future-ready young women as global leaders.

Pillar III calls on us to continue to build on a historically excellent educational program and curriculum to ensure our graduates become global leaders. 

To ensure success, Carrollton must evaluate current program offerings, facilities, and resources to continue to reach for excellence.  This Pillar will encourage Carrollton to strive for excellence in all arenas; in the classroom, laboratories, athletic field and courts, and in the arts. 

By 2029, Carrollton exemplifies the best of holistic, innovative, and faith-based education for girls.

Pillar IV seeks to maximize Carrollton’s potential as a Catholic, Independent, Sacred Heart School and advance the school beyond its current offerings.  Building off the school’s foundation and history, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart will preserve the spirit of those who came before us by exploring ways to excel in all things encompassing Pillars I, II, and III. 

We will create a culture of philanthropy and investment in Carrollton to ensure Carrollton remains guided by the Goals and Criteria while exploring new educational and programmatic possibilities that will feature Carrollton as a beacon for holistic and faith-based education.