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Community Partnerships

Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.

Carrollton is dedicated to collaborating with local community outreach organizations that cater to the needs of economically disadvantaged individuals and promote equity and justice for marginalized communities. Our primary focus is on fostering a strong sense of community and addressing the essential needs of all its members. With a deep commitment to nurturing student leadership, we aim to cultivate a culture of service and empathy.

Through these reciprocal relationships with community partners, we endeavor to create a positive impact not only on the lives of those we serve, but also on our student's growth and understanding of the world in accordance with Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. As a Sacred Heart school, our overarching goal is to spread compassion and demonstrate God's love through meaningful actions that benefit the greater community. 

For more details on community relations and outreach efforts, please contact Josefina Beyra, Director of Community Relations

Community Outreach Organizations