International and National Networks of Sacred Heart Schools

Today Carrollton enjoys membership to both an international and national networks of Sacred Heart Schools. Independent yet united in spirit and purpose, the international community of Schools of the Sacred Heart believes in educating the whole person and preparing her to live fully and wisely as an effective global citizen.

The 25 Sacred Heart schools in the United States and Canada form a unique Network linked in fact as well as in spirit. United in the imperative of excellence in education, the Network provides Carrollton students with the special opportunities to participate in a variety of national and international exchange programs, summer workshops and community service programs. Through the Network, Carrollton students can gain exposure to new experiences and diverse points of view and can get to know their peers from other parts of the country.

The Network, which is electronically linked, is a valuable educational resource as well. Carrollton faculty and administrators participate in national conferences, seminars and workshops sponsored by the Network on important educational issues. The Network provides a forum for the exchange of information and for the free flow of ideas, which directly benefits our students.

An essential partner in both the International and National Networks of Schools is the Society of the Sacred Heart. As the sponsoring body of the schools, the Society of the Sacred Heart provides inspiration to the schools. In the United States, the Society holds each school accountable to the mission of education as articulated in the Goals and Criteria through the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals.(SHCOG)

Membership to the Networks of Sacred Heart Schools and the partnership with the Society of the Sacred Heart provides Carrollton with active partners in the on-going understanding of the essence of Sacred Heart education. When a student attends Carrollton, she can be assured of receiving an education that is on a par with that offered by the most prestigious schools in the nation.

"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat