Academic Advising

Academic Advising in the Upper School begins in the Spring of a student’s 8th-grade year with a discussion surrounding high school coursework in Grade 9 and beyond. Each year, students and families will meet with their respective academic advisors to determine the best path to take for success.

In Grade 9, students will meet with their academic advisor during the first semester to assist with acclimation to the Upper School’s academic life and again in the second semester to discuss coursework for the following school year. In the second semester, Grade 10 students and families meet with the 11th and 12th grade Academic Advisor to discuss coursework for the Junior and Senior year. The conversation includes course progression from the 10th through the 12th grade, standardized testing, and graduation requirements.

While meeting graduation requirements is always a key component in the creation of a schedule, the choice of coursework to fulfill these requirements is an individual one. At Carrollton, students have the option of entering into full International Baccalaureate coursework, Advanced Placement or Advanced Topics coursework, or a blended curriculum that maximizes the individual student’s academic potential and interests.

Academic Advisors

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  • Photo of Caroline Gillingham

    Caroline Gillingham 

    Academic Adviser, Grades 11 and 12
  • Photo of Caridad Centeno-Gueits

    Caridad Centeno-Gueits 

    Academic Adviser, Grade 9 and 10

Advanced Topics

As a Montessori through Grade 12 school, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart works to evaluate and vertically align our curriculum. Our recent reflections have delved into a review of the Upper School curriculum. Guided by our mission as a Sacred Heart school that holds intellectual values, we have found ourselves restricted by the limitations of AP and IB coursework. A school with a history of academic excellence and a strong faculty, Carrollton has grown from our experiences with IB and AP and is formulating a course of study that truly meets the needs of our students and of the colleges and universities that they will attend.

We have chosen to recreate many of the courses we currently teach, and new additions to our curriculum will be free of the constraints placed on content, materials, and assessments by external organizations. Prescribed curriculum will be replaced with equally demanding but far more flexible courses that allow our students more choice in their education and our teachers more joy in teaching to their passions. We envision a course of study that develops skills to facilitate independence, collaboration, clear communication, responsibility, and perseverance in all content areas so that our students will emerge even better prepared.

Current and future Advanced Topics offerings include:

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  • English

    • Stewards of Sacred Space
    • Shades of Truth: Fractured Classics & Novelistic Rewritings
    • Power and Gender
    • The Art of Storytelling
  • Mathematics

    • Honors Calculus
    • Math Analysis
    • Calculus of Polynomials
  • Religious Studies

    • Liturgy, Worship & Praise
    • Psychology of Religion
    • Women in Religion
  • Science

    • Physical and Chemical Oceanography
    • Animal Physiology
    • Bioethics
  • Social Science

    • American Federalism
    • History of the Americas in the 20th Century
    • The Global Cold War – 1945 to 1991
    • Rockin’ in the Free World: Rock ‘N’ Roll and the Fall of Communism
    • Comparative Politics and Government
    • Contemporary Global Issues
  • World Languages

    • Spanish Contemporary Culture & Communication
    • French Contemporary Culture & Communication
    • From Novel to Film
    • Journalism
    • Creative Writing
    • Exploring Global Issues in the 21st. Century
    • French Culture through Music and Cinema
    • Mandarin Chinese for Business