International Baccalaureate Program

Founded in 1968 and offered in 125 countries, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a demanding pre-university course of study for Juniors and Seniors. The IB curriculum encourages critical thinking and problem solving through the study of six traditional disciplines. The program has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving IB diploma holders access to the world's leading universities. The IB grading system is criterion-referenced and consistent from one examination session to the next.
In May 2016, Carrollton graduated its 10th International Baccalaureate class.  Ninety-four percent of the class earned the diploma, well above the 78-80% pass rate of the international community. Over the past seven years, the program has yielded excellent results and Carrollton, working with the IBO, has conferred 456 International Baccalaureate diplomas.
Carrollton’s program continues to flourish. Students apply to the program during their sophomore year and pursue courses in six subject areas: English, International Language (French, Mandarin and/or Spanish), Individuals and Society (History of the Americas and 20th Century History, Psychology), Experimental Sciences (Biology and/or, Environmental Science, Marine Science and/or Chemistry, and/or Physics and Design Technology, and/or IB Computer Science) Mathematics (Math Studies, Math SL, 2 yr/1 yr and AP Calculus BC, Math HL) and the Arts (Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Music, Dance or an additional science or language or Information Technology in a Global Society). Each course requires a variety of assessments, including projects, analytical writing assignments, portfolios, and oral commentaries. Students wishing to pursue a Bilingual Diploma may be recommended to Spanish A: Language and Literature or a French A: Language and Literature. Students select their program with the guidance of the IB Coordinator.

All Carrollton students are required to complete an extended essay, Theory of Knowledge, and creativity, action, and service (CAS).

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  • An extended essay of 4,000 words

    Each student has the opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest. The essay requirement acquaints students with the kind of independent research and writing skills expected by universities. The student works with a faculty mentor and starts the preliminary investigation in their Junior year.
  • Creativity, action, service (CAS)

    The IB Organization’s goal is to educate the whole person and foster responsible, compassionate citizens. The CAS component encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others. Students may, for example, participate in theatre or musical productions, sports, and community service activities.
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

    TOK is an interdisciplinary requirement intended to stimulate critical reflection on the knowledge and experience gained inside and outside the classroom. The course challenges students to question the basis of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological biases, and to develop the ability to analyze evidence that is expressed in rational argument.

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