College Counseling

As soon as students enter the Upper School at Carrollton, the focus on college admission becomes integral to her life as a student. The choices she makes regarding the classes she takes and the intellectual and extra-curricular activities she pursues can have an impact on her choices later. The College Counselors view the college counseling process as a three-prong approach – Know Yourself, Know the Process, and Know the Colleges. Parents are an integral part of the equation and are provided with relevant programming and opportunities to meet with the College Counselors throughout the process.

Highlights of Each Year

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  • Grade 9

    During the freshman year, Counselors meet with the students to talk about what it means to be in a college preparatory school, what factors colleges consider when making admission decisions, and the importance of building a resume that reflects their interests and commitments. They will take the PSAT 8/9 in the spring and complete the DoWhatYouAre Personality Assessment. Through the Alumnae Career Day presentations to the student body, they have the opportunity to learn about the career paths of our graduates.
  • Grade 10

    Sophomores take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall and will participate later in the year in a college case study activity. The tenth graders meet with Carrollton alums at the annual mentoring breakfast in the fall. . In the spring, they begin compiling information for their resume, which they will update in junior and senior years. They also attend the JETS College Tour – a group of Jesuit Colleges who visit Carrollton in February not only to discuss their respective colleges but also to speak to the students about the college process in general.
  • Grade 11

    Junior year is the beginning of the formal, comprehensive, two-year process that involves one-on-one counseling with students and parents. During this time, students continue to engage in self-reflection and research. They are encouraged to visit colleges and meet with the many representatives who come to Carrollton and the South Florida area to recruit. Students are assigned to one of the two College Counselors who will work with them individually throughout the entire process. The Junior Questionnaire will serve as the springboard for conversations related to the college search and decision-making process. From the information provided, they are guided in developing a list of colleges to research based on the student’s abilities, needs, and interests. Juniors are required to write a college essay that is evaluated by both their English teacher and College Counselor. Both Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to attend the AIMS Invitational College Fair in the fall when representatives from over 225 colleges and universities are in town to meet with interested students and their families.
  • Grade 12

    Even before the formal school year begins; the seniors are encouraged to attend one of the multiple College Admission Boot Camp sessions organized by the College Counselors in August. The goal of the Boot Camp is to get a head start on the application process by completing most of the Common Application, reviewing the application timetable, and updating their college lists. Once the school year commences, each student will meet again with her Counselor to review the list of colleges she is planning to apply to and to review her academic record to ensure her list has both balance and reach on it. As a service to our students and families, the College Counselors review the students’ applications and essays to ensure a well-crafted application but the process truly remains in the hands of the student and she must be proactive in meeting deadlines, presenting her best self to the colleges and universities, and handling additional requests for information and/or follow up.
  • Transition to College

    At the end of the school year, seniors participate in a college transition program to prepare them for the changes they may experience academically, socially, and personally. They also learn about financial literacy and how best to make wise financial decisions.

    An impressive number of Carrollton Seniors are accepted to their first-choice schools. Many seniors take advantage of the early action/decision programs at many of the nation’s top colleges and universities.

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Carrollton plans to host college admission counselors in-person and virtually beginning in September of 2021. Please check back in mid-August to register via RepVisits and for details on Covid protocols.

Carrollton Colleges By the Numbers

Among the 231 graduates, six or more students matriculated at the following colleges and universities:

Babson College 
Cornell University 
Duke University 
University of Miami
Florida State University 
University of Michigan
Georgetown University 
University of Notre Dame
New York University
University of Southern California
Northeastern University
Wake Forest University
Southern Methodist University
University of Florida

Number of different schools the graduates are attending:


Students attending public universities inside and outside of Florida: 


Students attending Catholic colleges and universities:


Students attending women’s colleges:


Students attending colleges and universities overseas:


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