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As soon as a student enters the Seventh Grade at Carrollton, the focus on college admissions becomes more integral to her life as a student. The choices she makes regarding the classes she takes and the intellectual and extra-curricular activities she pursues can have an impact on her choices later. During Freshman Success Week, the Counselors meet with freshmen to talk about what it means to be in a college preparatory school, what colleges are looking for in applicants and the importance of building one’s resume. Upon entering the Ninth Grade, college and career counseling goes hand-in-hand with the testing program. In their freshman year, students take the Preliminary American College Test (PLAN) which in addition to providing scholastic information on a student’s achievement in English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science, includes a career interest inventory. The Ninth Grade Academic Counselor uses this information to help students identify areas of strength and weakness in relation to their future course selections and possible career interests. Sophomores and Juniors take the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) which provides practice for the SAT. For Juniors, the PSAT is the route of entry into National Merit Programs. As Seniors, students take the SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject and ACT tests as required by the schools to which they are applying.
Juniors and Seniors enjoy a comprehensive, two-year process that begins with formal counseling in the Eleventh Grade for students and their parents. They are provided guidance in developing a list of colleges to research based on the student’s abilities, needs, and interests. Juniors are required to write a college essay that is evaluated by both their English teacher and the College Counselors after they review what makes for a good college essay. Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to meet with the over 70 plus college admission representatives who visit Carrollton on an annual basis for recruitment sessions. Additionally, they are expected to attend the Miami Invitational College Fair held annually in October where over 200 colleges and universities are available to discuss their institutions with students and their parents. Students and their families are encouraged to visit colleges early in the process so that they can make informed decisions as to the best match between student and college. In their Senior Year, students will meet with the College Counselors to narrow their list of schools, to complete their resume and applications, and to prepare for college interviews if required. Students are provided with information on the scholarship and financial process including an evening presentation on the Financial Aid Process with a representative from a university financial aid office. As a service to our students, the College Counselors review the student’s applications and essays to ensure a well-crafted application, but the process truly remains in the hands of the student and she must be proactive in meeting deadlines, presenting her best self to the colleges and universities, and handling additional requests for information and/or follow up.

An impressive number of Carrollton Seniors are accepted to their first-choice colleges. Many seniors take advantage of early action/decision programs to many of the nation’s top universities, including recent acceptances to Boston College, Duke, Georgetown, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and Yale University.

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      Students with Michele Patterson in the College Counseling Center

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