Upper School

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart’s robust curriculum offers advanced courses in all disciplines. High caliber faculty members are experts in their fields and provide a differentiated learning experience for each student. Guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, we inspire thoughtful introspection in our students and encourage them to find balance and joy in the engaged act of learning. Students leave Carrollton prepared not only for their continued education at the university level but also for the lives that await them outside of institutional gates.

In keeping with our Sacred Heart identity, Carrollton educators commit themselves to inculcate the following goals in our students:

Goal I:        A personal and active faith in God
Goal II:      A deep respect for intellectual values
Goal III:     A social awareness which impels to action
Goal IV:     The building of community as a Christian value
Goal V:       Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Our curriculum includes vigorous offerings that reflect our independent school identity and capitalize on the connection between teacher passion and student learning. The measured move away from a weighted transcript reinforces our comprehensive approach aligned with the core of a Sacred Heart education. Goal II, which speaks most overtly of academic pursuits, incorporates deliberately our yearning to inspire creativity in our students and to employ “a variety of teaching and learning strategies that [recognize] the individual needs of the students.”

Upper School Courses

Selecting a department below provides an overview of the multifaceted academic journey available to our students. Carrollton students typically graduate with a blend of coursework that exhibits to colleges and universities the depth and breadth of the classroom experience.

Pick a department:

"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat