Alumnae Award


Spirit of Sophie in the World Alumnae Award


This annual award is given to a graduate of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart whose very life is an eloquent lesson to the world of values of Sacred Heart education. 

A woman of faith, who embraces the vision of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat in her everyday life, the recipient of the Alumnae Award has contributed beyond the norm to the building of community by demonstrating an active concern for the dignity of others.  The recipient is well-known and respected in the community as a woman of compassion and hope. 

 She has brought the spirit of Sophie into the world.

Hortensia Sampedro '68
Laurie Weiss Nuell '75
Monica Beltran De Zulueta '83
Patricia Sanchez Abril '93
Daniela Calderon '10
2012-2013 Recipients
Maggie Ledo Carreño '68
Annemarie Harris Block '76
Anamarie Gari Moreiras '85
Alexandra Codina '96
Lindsey Champion '04
2013-2014 Recipients
Marianne La O'Kircher '70
Maite Hoyos '81
Cristina Mas '05
2014-2015 Recipients
Conchita Espinosa Chediak '71
Christie Anne Darias Daniels '94
Andrea Gutierrez Dale '00
2015-2016 Recipients
Meme Ferreé '74
Lizette Alvarez '82
Natalie Papadam '00 and the Team Nat Foundation
2016-2017 Recipients
Josie Goytisolo '77
Edda Fields-Black '89
Vanessa Garcia '97
2017-2018 Recipients
Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez '78
Ana Ojeda '98 and Kristy Nuñez '98
Elizabeth De Zulueta '08
2018-2019 Recipients
Yvanna Cancela ’06
Giselle Guerra ’93
Diane Kozak Brewer ’67
2019-2020 Recipients
Pilar Cendoya Alvarez-Mena '77
Christianne Cejas '90
Maria Carolina Nelson '04
"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat