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Varsity volleyball huddles at gamepoint to take the game.

Our Philosophy

Our athletic program is an integral part of the total curriculum. It provides our students the opportunity for physical, social, and emotional growth through interscholastic competition. Student-athletes, coaches, and parents are called upon to work together in a true spirit of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which we remain faithful to the philosophy of Sacred Heart education.

The goal of the athletic program is to provide a positive educational experience for our athletes. We offer a broad range of programs at Carrollton, each responsive to the developmental needs of our students. Through competition, students can develop greater knowledge of their physical potential, the self-confidence that comes from exceeding personal limits, and a deeper understanding of the joys and responsibilities of being part of a team.

We provide our students with an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, sport, student body, community, and student-athlete. We are committed to supplying the necessary tools for a successful program, and in return, we require a high level of commitment from our athletes.

Carrollton varsity volleyball homegame
Carrollton varsity cross country takes the lead at a meet
Carrollton track and field
Varsity tennis player competes in a match
Carrollton varsity swimmer competes in meet
Carrollton sailors practicing on Biscayne Bay
Petra Compton playing for Carrollton's varsity golf team
Carrollton's beach volleyball home game on Biscayne Bay
Carrollton varsity basketball home game
Madelyn Althage, varsity softball pitcher
Varsity soccer game with a view of Biscayne Bay

Upper School Programs

Carrollton’s Upper School program competes as a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association. All athletes are required to follow and abide by the rules set forth by the FHSAA and the Carrollton Student handbook. Team selection at this level is very competitive and based on ability. The intention at this level is to compete for State titles in each sport. Playing time is not guaranteed, and therefore not all athletes will receive the same participation opportunities in games and contests. To learn more, view our Tryout and Start Date Information and Athletic Forms pages.

Lower School Programs

Carrollton’s Lower School program competes as a member of the South Florida Middle School Conference. All athletes are required to follow and abide by the rules set forth by the SFMSC and the Carrollton Student handbook. Our Lower School program is considered a transitional period. The athletes will move from a learning experience to an increasingly competitive environment. The intention is to prepare the athletes for interscholastic high school competition. Individual skills will be practiced along with increased time spent on real-game situations and strategies. Tryouts will be held to select the teams in the Lower School when the number of participants necessitates it. To learn more, view our Try Out and Start Date Information and our Athletic Forms pages.