We are in search of unique vendors that will offer our Carrollton community a variety of shopping options: vendors who create high quality and unique items, as well as vendors whose continued presence at our Carrollton events successfully aligns with our mission. We do not accept cooked food that are intended to be consumed on premise. Any vendor wishing to sell food must make sure all food items are pre-packaged gifts or goods.

Thank you for your interest in the Carrollton Christmas Shops!


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We are no longer accepting vendor registrations for this event. If you have a questions or would like to be added to our waitlist, please email celebrate@carrollton.org.

Vendor Rules and Regulations

By signing up as a vendor, you agree to all rules and regulations asked of you while you are on our campus. Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart is not responsible for any injury or loss that may arise or come to the vendor and his/her property while said persons are operating on premises or during arrival/departure there from the event. 

By signing up as a vendor, you also agree to our refund policy: there are no refunds. 

Please note that your participation at this event does not guarantee acceptance or non-acceptance in the future. 

You will receive a more complete copy of the Vendor Rules and Regulations for review and signature.

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q.
    What is provided and what you need to bring?

    Carrollton will provide you with (1) 6ft table at an assigned spot, (1) linen for the table, (2) folding chairs, and (1) parking spot for your vendor vehicle in the vendor parking lot.
    Please plan on bringing your own battery-operated lights, displays and/or display cases, and any set up that you will need on your table or in your area. You may not exceed the footprint of your allocated area. If you need more space, please purchase an additional Vendor Table.
    No open flames or music is allowed. 
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    There will be no power available for you to tie into. Please use a battery-operated system for any power needs you have. 
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    Vendor Date

    By becoming a vendor at our Carrollton Christmas Shops, you are committing yourself to be on site on Saturday, December 3rd fully set up and selling for the duration of the event run time (9am - 1pm). 
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    Hours & Load-In Times

    The event runs from 9am -1pm. 

    Vendor load-in time is 6am Saturday, December 3rd with an event start time of 9am. Please note that there is another on campus event beginning at 9am, so you will need to be fully set up by 8:30am to ensure smooth arrival for our 9am guests.

    For load-in, you will drive onto campus and proceed to the load-in/load-out area. You will be required to drop your items in your assigned vendor spot, and then move your car to the designated vendor parking area. 

    For load-out, you will need to break down your area first, then bring your car over to the load-in/load-out area. This will give time for guests to depart and allow you to seamlessly load out. 
    Late arrivals and early breakdowns are not allowed. Please arrive promptly for setup and hold off on breakdown until the end of the event.
    Please note that we are not liable or responsible for damage or theft during the events or for anything that is left on property.
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    All vendor table spaces are roughly 10 x 10 feet and open to one side of traffic. Vendors are not able to share spaces unless you are a collaborative business/team. If this is the case, then please only submit payment for (1) Vendor Table. 

    This is scheduled to be an outdoor event. 
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    I Want to Be a Vendor

    To become a vendor, you must complete the Vendor Registration form. You are only confirmed once your payment is accepted and we receive a signed copy of the Vendor Rules and Regulations document. Please note that there is a limited number of available spots! We are operating on a first come, first served basis. 
    Once your payment is received, we will follow up with you to secure high quality product photos, your website page information, and your social media accounts. Additionally, you will be required to sign a Rules and Regulations form. 
    ***Please note that Carrollton reserves the right to deny any person or vendor, even if payment has been successful received and processed. In any such circumstance, you will receive written notification that we are terminating the Vendor Table purchase, and you will receive a full refund. ****
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