Independent schools maintain their vitality by having a strong financial foundation which promotes a progressive vision of the future. An endowment sufficient in size acts as the basis upon which long-range plans and decisions are made.

What is the goal of Carrollton's Endowment?
The goal of the Carrollton Endowment Program is to serve as the school's major source of financial security. An endowment is a permanent fund from which only earned income is spent; the principal is invested under the guidance of the Board of Trustees. A gift to endowment is left intact in perpetuity, with the interest earned directed toward the goals of Carrollton as designated by the donor. While the School's annual and ongoing expenses are largely met through the Annual Fund and tuition, the School's future depends on our endowment.

List of 8 items.

  • Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund

    The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund was established in 2000 to assist Carrollton in its effort to attract and retain exceptional young women whose families could not otherwise provide them with the opportunity of a Sacred Heart education.

    To be a Goizueta Scholar is a great honor. These Scholars are living examples of Carrollton's commitment to socio-economic diversity. 
  • Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity Fund

    The spirit of the Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity Fund is to support initiatives that directly uphold the Board of Trustees' statement on Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity, as it emanates from the Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart education.  The main areas this fund supports are 1) recruitment and retention efforts for diversity, 2) improvement and/or sustainability of socio-economic diversity in the Carrollton community, and 3) community education and enrichment as it relates to social justice, inclusion and diversity efforts.
  • Ann Taylor, RSCJ, Professional Development Fund

    Education is ever evolving. Conferences, seminars, workshops, post-graduate study, and curriculum development courses are methods that inform, refresh, and invigorate faculty. Begun in 1998 to honor Sr. Ann Taylor, Headmistress of Carrollton from 1979 through 1998, this fund ensures that Carrollton faculty, staff and administrators receive appropriate training in respects to both curriculum and technology. Further growth of this endowment fund will enable Carrollton's teachers and staff to stretch their minds and expand their horizons - and our students' - on an ongoing basis.
  • Student Financial Aid Fund

    In a shrinking global community, it is increasingly important that students understand the world in which they will live as adults. To succeed in the twenty-first century, they will need to appreciate a variety of cultures because they will live and work in a world community that reflects diverse backgrounds and values. Students must learn that traditions, beliefs and perspectives other than their own make valuable contributions to society. To prepare students for that reality, Carrollton must continue to promote economic, cultural, social and racial diversity.

    Increasing financial aid will make possible the recruitment of a larger and more diverse pool of qualified students who will enrich the standard of education for all students. As an investment in the future, financial aid rewards the entire community.
  • Facilities Fund

    Carrollton enjoys the benefit of two beautiful campuses and is the steward of historically magnificent buildings. This fund not only ensures that the school's physical plant is maintained over time, but also supports on-going improvements to plant and advanced technology.
  • Faculty Compensation Fund

    Carrollton's continued success depends upon the school's ability to attract and retain faculty and staff of the highest caliber, but competition for talented teachers and staff members is intense. The pool of exceptional teachers is small and the demand is great. In order to retain the finest people and to attract new and diverse talent to Sacred Heart, the school must compensate its outstanding faculty, staff and administrators with competitive salaries.
  • The Technology Fund

    The Technology Fund exists to ensure that students and faculty are provided with the tools and resources necessary to remain innovative in the area of educational technology.
  • Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, Innovation Fund

    Excellence in education is constantly evolving. New technologies, new understanding of the dimensions of teaching and learning, and an increasingly global perspective demand an on-going review of programs, research into new programs and on-going curriculum development. An endowment established for the purpose of research and development in the area of learning and teaching will ensure the vitality of Sacred Heart education at Carrollton.
“Be zealous for the good of others. Believe that others can achieve results and that we must be happy to help…"
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat
Society of the Sacred Heart 1802
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat