Ways to Contribute

Donors may contribute to Carrollton in various ways:

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  • By Check or Credit Card

    Most gifts to Carrollton come in the form of personal checks or credit cards; VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. All gifts entitle donors to a charitable income tax deduction subject to IRS regulations. Consult your tax advisor for details. All checks should be made payable to Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and mailed to:

    Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
    3747 Main Highway
    Miami, FL 33133
    Attn: Office of Institutional Advancement Office
  • Gifts-in-Kind

    Carrollton accepts gifts-in-kind if they can be used in support of the mission of the school. Such gifts might take the form of inventory given through businesses owned by donors. In-kind gifts must adhere to the In-Kind Gift Policy (located under "downloads" on this page) and donors are required to sign an In-Kind Gift Agreement (located under "downloads" on this page)
  • Matching Gifts

    Does your employer match gifts? Many companies have a matching gift program which can double, and, in some cases, triple the value of your gift. Please check with your company's Human Resources Department. The matching gift must be initiated by you once you have contributed to Carrollton. When Carrollton receives the paperwork from your employer, the school can verify that your gift was made and complete the necessary documentation. Contact us for more details.
  • Pledges

    Donors who wish to contribute but do not wish to make an immediate payment may make a pledge. A pledge is a promise to make a specified payment within the campaign period.

    Annual Fund pledges are expected to be paid in full by March 31st of each academic year so that we might utilize the funds during the current academic year.

    Campaign pledges (Please see the Pledges PDF located under "downloads" on this page) to the Quintessence Campaign, whose purpose is to complete the Convocation Center and enhance the school's endowment can be made over time, in accordance with the donor's wishes. Pledge reminder letters will be mailed at the times requested by the donor.
  • Real Estate

    A residence, vacation home, farm, acreage or vacant lot may have so appreciated in value through the years that its sale would mean a sizable capital gains tax. By making a year-end gift of this property instead, a donor would avoid the capital gains tax, and, at the same time, receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the property.
  • Stock & Securities

    Making a gift of securities is both simple and tax efficient. Gifts of appreciated stock may allow a donor to avoid a capital gains tax in addition to receiving a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock. To initiate a gift of stock, please contact the Institutional Advancement team for instructions. If the transfer has been made please notify the Institutional Advancement team of the gift and send a copy of the completed form when the transfer is made with your broker.