Solar Heart Team Wins First Place in SunChase 2018 Challenge

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Won First Place in the Florida Gulf Coast University SunChase 2018 solar car competition last weekend. In only its second year participating, the school jumped to 1st place in total points, out of a field of 17 teams, after concluding the three components of the competition. Carrollton’s crew consist of 1 Senior, 4 Juniors and the rest are underclassmen, giving the school a young and talented group to continue building on its success. Eight of the 12 Solar Heart team members traveled to Ft. Myers.

This extraordinary team showed grit and fearlessness when they undertook a complete dismantling of the car while in transit to Ft. Myers in order to recreate the engine. Last minute calculations showed they could achieve better performance and in the middle of the trip they stopped for 2 hours and rebuilt the car. Their review of past data indicated that the car could reach 33 mph and results proved them right. Audiences tuned it to the school social media channels were able to enjoy the race in real time as the students engineered video transmission from the inside of the solar car.

The school is grateful to Zoo Miami for allowing our team to do the test drive on their parking lot.

Solar Heart Team members: Alex Gomez '18, Sophia Roig '19, Sophia Bachas-Daunert '19, Ana Sofia Gomez Rivas-Vazquez '19, Alina Suarez ‘19, Carolina Gomez Rivas-Vazquez '20, Nina Gallinar '20, Sabine Meurs '20, Andrea Bravo '20, Saidy Burch ‘21