Author, Mike Curato, visits Carrollton's students 

Melinee S. Fernandez, Director of Information Services
Illustrator, author, graphic designer, and cupcake connoisseur, Mike Curato visited Carrollton on Monday, November 12.
Illustrator, author, graphic designer and cupcake connoisseur, Mike Curato visited Carrollton Monday, November 12, to speak about his work and to promote his newest book in the Little Elliot series, Merry Christmas, Little Elliot. Our own 2nd grader Emilia Adams earned the honor of introducing Mr. Curato, by winning a drawing contest introducing a new friend for Little Elliot.

Mr. Curato spoke about his many iterations of Little Elliot, stemming from doodling as a youngster. Mr. Curato’s debut picture book, Little Elliot, Big City, began a journey for Little Elliot and his friend Mouse. He has written and illustrated 5 books in the series and also created an impromptu story for our M-5 through 2nd grade at the Melissa Rodriguez Assembly Hall.

The girls asked some excellent questions and delighted in Mr. Curato’s magical stories.
"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat