NEHS Poetry Month at Carrollton

Virginia Moscetti '19
As Poetry Month comes to a close, the members of Carrollton’s National English Honor Society (NEHS) find themselves meditating on a particularly successful year, characterized by ice cream, poetry, Mayoral Proclamations, cross-community activities, and evenings of literary-filled antics.
Spearheaded by NEHS President Virginia Moscetti ’19 and NEHS Advisor Mrs. Lyana Azan, the NEHS kicked off Poetry Month with a dynamic collaboration with O, Miami Poetry Organization and iconic neighborhood ice-cream store Whip N’ Dip, in which Haikus written by Primary School students and selected through a primary-wide contest were printed on Whip N’ Dips ice cream cups and available for poetic consumption throughout the week of April 8th. Organized by Daniela French ’19 and Dibe Di’Gregorio ’20, the NEHS then hosted its second annual Poetry Night on April 12th, inviting students from Belen, Columbus, Lourdes, and Ransom for an evening of poetry readings and activities. On April 13th, several NEHS members as well as Upper School Head Ms. Hillary Freerick-Hillenbrand and NEHS Advisor Mrs. Lyana Azan participated in a non-speaking poetic exhibit organized by O, Miami at the Perez Museum of Modern Art, where they responded to the silent questions of museum-goers through poetry. The NEHS also organized a ZipOdes workshop segment for the intermediate school and Breakthrough Miami. A poetic structure developed by O, Miami and WLRN Radio Station as a lyrical celebration of Miami, the ZipOde consists of an arrangement of the poet’s zip-code on the left-hand side of the five-line poem. Each number in the zip code corresponds to a specific line in the poem and dictates the amount of words per line. After being introduced to the structure, both Intermediate and Breakthrough students alike submitted their ZipOdes to O, Miami’s annual month-long contest. On week four, Alyna, a student of the NEHS’s Breakthrough Miami Poetry Workshop, was selected as a finalist in the contest and was invited to read her poem at a special O, Miami event on April 24th.
As a final stamp on such an active and successful year, the NEHS acquired a mayoral proclamation in support of Poetry Month effective April 1st 2019, unifying Miami’s variegated community under a common appreciation of language.
The NEHS would like to thank all the adults and collaborating organizations that made Poetry Month possible, particularly Dean of Students Mrs. Maritza Fernandez, Ms. Freerick-Hillenbrand, and Mr. Clyde Bertrand. If you missed any of our events- not to fear! Catch up with us on Instagram: @carrolltonnehs.
"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat