Celebrating Poetry Month

Ceci Mestre '21, Senior President of the National English Honor Society
The National English Honor Society collaborated with O, Miami to organize the project "Bus Stops," as part of their annual O, Miami Poetry Festival. Students from the Primary and Intermediate schools were asked to create Zip Ode poems. These are poems in which your zip code determines the number of words in each line of the poem.  The poems by Ella Wester '28, Isla Knott '28, Emiliana Macedo '27, and Audrey Mas '32  were selected to replace bus stop advertisements throughout Coconut Grove. The project aims to expose people to poetry while by "taking over" a venue that is used to sell things to people. We hope that by replacing the advertisements, the poems allowed them to remember the wonder of the Grove, as seen through the eyes of young students. The project was coordinated by O, Miami with the help of Ceci Mestre '21 and Mrs. Azan. 

As you drive to school, you can see the poems at these locations: 
1. Coconut Grove Welcome - South Miami Ave. & Brickell Ave. 
2. Hermitage: 2001 S. Bayshore Drive
3. Kennedy Park: 2440 S. Bayshore Drive
4. Kampong: 3970 S. Douglas Road

"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society."
-Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat