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Primary School Summer Connection

This informational page is intended for families entering Carrollton's Primary School (Grades 1, 2 & 3) in the Fall of 2018.  We hope this will help in your preparation for the next academic year.
Much of the content on this page contains links to forms and important printable material. You can access links by clicking on the appropriate highlighted text. 

Important Information

School Hours: The Primary School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and dismissal is at 3:00 p.m.  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:15 a.m. for Morning Care at no charge. After School and Enrichment classes are also available.  Please click here for additional information:  After School/Enrichment Program/Developmental Sports.

Uniforms:  Uniforms may be purchased at AA Uniform, click here to view the Primary School Requirements.  Used uniforms are also available at no charge in the Admissions Office. The Office is open from Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

School Supplies: 
Supplies and books are included in the tuition and provided by the School. The only items needed are a backpack (no wheels), reusable water bottle and lunch box.

Technology Handbook for all Grades

Lunch Program
: Carrollton has a lunch program available once the school year has begun. The first term lunch program order forms will be made available via email in August. Parents have the choice to buy the lunch or provide a lunch from home.

Mentor Program
: The Mentor Program is a program to help new families (Mentees) in adjusting to life at Carrollton.  The program is set up to help pass along the special heritage of Sacred Heart, the importance of the Goals and Criteria, and what it means to be part of our family.  We have two wonderful parents who will be our Mentor Liaisons, Cecilia Pino for Grades 7-12 and Marta Sacasa-Torres for Grades M3-6.  Their job is to ensure that the families connect and share with the Mentors on the happenings at the school.  Mentors will be assigned in May with intentions that they reach out to the Mentees before summer.    

Academic Calendar 2018-2019
 This all-school calendar, includes orientation dates, school start dates, vacations, holidays, teacher workdays, early dismissals; however, it is limited to special events hosted by each of the divisions.

Institutional Advancement Key Initiatives and Events

In an effort to alleviate traffic along Main Highway and reduce our school’s carbon footprint, Carrollton has again joined forces with Franmar Bus Company to provide transportation services to our students.  Based on a review of our current student body, we have designed five bus routes which cover key areas where the majority of our families live. The morning buses are expected to arrive at Carrollton between 7:45 am and 7:50 am. The afternoon buses will depart Carrollton at 3:45 pm (Early Bus) and 6:00 pm (Late Bus). 
Carrollton’s Summer Programs provide your child with a high quality, safe and fun learning environment. Our summer programs provide all campers with an exciting and enriching summer experience under the supervision of a well-trained and experienced staff. We create a unique environment where children have an opportunity to learn from new experiences, to grow, to make new friends, and to develop important social skills that will last a lifetime. Children have an opportunity to participate in the following camp experiences:
Summer Camp @ Carrollton: Mighty Carrollton Campers (Grades 1-6) 
Our Camp Carrollton program is quite unlike any other. Designed to be age-appropriate, we offer campers to choose from a grab bag of fun, exciting opportunities that give children a chance to explore new topics each week through different mediums! Friday is “Fun Day” with bounce houses, movies, field day activities, water slides, and much more! Campers will create their own personalized camp experience by choosing from a wide variety of classes. An “electives” form with activities to create their own schedule will be sent via email prior to the start of camp. Lunch is included.
Academic SuperCamp (Grades 3-5)
This program is ideal for those children and parents who want to bridge the summer learning gap! At SuperCamp, our curriculum is about making learning fun and engaging. This half-day session provides an opportunity for students to advance their Math or Creative Writing Skills.
Adventures in Science by Awesome Science (Grades 1-6)
The Awesome Science Lab offers the best opportunity for the children to explore, experiment, investigate, invent and discover through unique and exciting hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities! Children will incorporate new experiences that will become the foundation for more complex concepts introduced later in their schooling. We will fill our days with mysterious energies, super connectors, atomic bubbles, mega magnetism, huge fountains, biophysics and many more super cool activities. We invite your children to be a part of The Awesome Science Lab — to have fun while they Play + Think + Learn!!
Art Box: “Miami’s Art Scene” (Grades 1-6)
Have you ever wondered where some of the best art in Miami can be found? Who are some of today’s most renowned artists? Where are the newest, most innovative pieces as well as timeless, precious collections of the greats? Join Art Box’s summer program, “Miami’s Art Scene,” as we learn about some of Miami’s best venues for Contemporary Art. We will be learning and creating art projects about current and past exhibitions from the Perez Art Museum, the Bakehouse, and the Rubell Family Collection and gathering inspiration to create our own unique masterpieces! Camp includes daily swim instruction and outdoor playground time.
Clay Modeling and Character Design by Clay World (Grades 1-6)
This workshop explores the art of Clay Modeling and Character Design by using your hands as sculpting tools and modeling clay as the media. This course will improve student’s fine motor skills and artistic capabilities. Different techniques such as pointillism, spreads, textured clay among others will be implemented.
Coding by MT Valle of Carrollton Engineering Department(Grades 2-7)
Students will use JavaScript language and 3D modeling software to bring their designs to life. Why learn JavaScript? Because JavaScript is a web standard for in-webpage apps per the HTML5 standard. Learning JavaScript also helps students with their math skills and improve their punctuation because all designs require that students learn written commands with proper punctuation. They also start to learn about pixels and web design. In our 3D art portion of the class, students learn to create art using 3 dimensions. They start by doing a simple fidget spinner and move to more advanced objects of art. Students will have an opportunity to see their work being printed in our MakerSpace.
Theater Camp by Red Carpet Kids (Grades 2-9) 
This two-week holistic performing arts camp will be taught by working professional Actors and Producers from New York City as well as seasoned teaching artists. The program will be an excellent introduction to the dramatic arts for both outgoing performers as well as kids, who are looking to build self-confidence. This camp will allow kids to work one-on-one with Broadway Producers and Actors choreography, exciting scene work, and more! Over the course of 1 week, the campers will create an ensemble Cabaret Show straight from the Best of New York’s Broadway Theaters to the Budding Miami Stage.

For more information on our Summer Camp Programs, please contact the Summer Camp Office at (305) 446-5673, extension 2340 or 2341. 

Click on the button below to enroll.  Please use your parent credentials to register or contact the Summer Camp Office for more information at 305-446-5673 x2340. Click here to access the Summer Programs Health & Emergency Form for 2018.
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Required Forms

Grade 1 Only

Grade 2 Only

  • Primary New Student Check List

    Besides those listed above, required School Forms by Carrollton are assigned within the parent portal. Please log into the myCarrollton portal to view and fill out all required forms. 

    • Health and Emergency Contact Form
    • Biographical Information and Sacred Heart Legacy
    • Grade 2 World Language Commitment Form
    • Field Day and Lunch Registration Form
    • New Parent Reception 05.03.2018

Grade 3 only

  • Grade 3 New Student Checklist

    Besides those listed above, required School Forms by Carrollton are assigned within the parent portal. Please log into the myCarrollton portal to view and fill out all required forms. 

    • Health and Emergency Contact Form
    • Biographical Information and Sacred Heart Legacy
    • Grade 3 World Language Commitment Form
    • Field Day and Lunch Registration
    • New Parent Reception 05.03.2018

Summer Academic Preparation

Summer is a wonderful time for students to play, pray, rest, read and spend time with families; to provide some ‘down’ time. We are certain that your summer plans will include enriching learning activities for your daughters. Below is a summer reading list with suggested books for your daughter to enjoy over the summer. 

In the summer, many skills that children have learned throughout the school year can be forgotten. It is often referred to as summer learning loss proving that these skills must be practiced. It is our hope that every summer the students continue to practice the skills that were learned throughout the school year. This summer we are asking students to continue this practice by working on the Khan Academy website.  Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with a goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students.

Students are expected to spend approximately one hour per week on the website as spaced practice is more effective than massed practice for creating endurable learning. While not required, students are welcome to further their learning by exploring additional lessons on Khan Academy. Teachers will not be monitoring their progress throughout the summer but will review in September. The deadline to complete the assigned skills is the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 4, 2018. By Friday, June 22 please follow these instructions to be able to log in, access your daughter’s Khan Academy classroom and begin working.  If you have any questions or concerns please email summermath@carrollton.org
Summer Math - entering Grade 1 only

Students transitioning from Carrollton’s Montessori School to Carrollton’s traditional first grade may need guidance with the math problems on this site. The Montessori Math curriculum uses a specific vocabulary. Although in the spring of Montessori 5 the students are introduced to traditional math vocabulary, they are more comfortable using Montessori vocabulary and manipulatives when learning and completing math lessons.  Most of the problems on the Khan Academy site will be using terms that are traditional, therefore, the students may need your assistance completing these math problems. It would also be beneficial for you to provide manipulatives, such as counters, to help them complete the equations.

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