Unprecedented as these times are in all our personal experiences, the Sacred Heart community can attest to its strength and survival through periods like this in its 200+ years’ history. Faith, hope and the knowledge that we are the Beloved of Christ, forms the core of what we teach our students and carry as adults.
 On this newly created page we are offering our community a resource center that might be of help in supporting our spiritual needs during this period of enforced distancing and uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 crisis. Within its contents you will find resources such as the link to the Society’s reflections and prayers, Sr. Suzanne Cooke’s blog – Musings, a short guide on the meaning of Espacio and recommendations for practicing it. Father Vallee’s video messaging to the Carrollton community, as well as, messaging from our Campus Ministry office and the office of Adult Spirituality are also included. The links will be updated with new content periodically. Our hope is that these resources will serve you well and nurture your spirit in the face of this global pandemic.

Letters from Campus Ministry