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Grades 4 -8

Sailing Program with Carrollton Athletics and STEM Faculty

Ocean Explorers

Rising Grades 4th & 5th

Interested in learning more about the ocean through waterfront sports and hands-on exploration? In Ocean Explorers, campers will participate in a variety of action-packed activities such as sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming each day. With Biscayne Bay as our classroom, campers will engage in hands-on learning about our local ecosystems and marine life as well as develop their water safety skills. Time will be spent on land as well as creating arts and crafts, playing field games, and participating in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities.

S.E.A. Camp

Rising Grades 6th-8th

Our S.E.A (Sailing, Environment, Adventure) Camp is a full-day program focused on teaching the fundamentals of sailing as well as exploring marine biology and ocean conservation. Throughout the session, campers will work together to learn to sail a two-person sailboat as well as participate in swimming activities and hands-on projects such as species tracking, mangrove restoration, and water quality testing in Biscayne Bay. Time will be spent on land as well as creating arts and crafts, playing field games, and participating in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities. No prior sailing experience is required!

Tennis with Elevate Tennis

Rising Grades 4th - 6th

Introducing our exciting Tennis Camp in partnership with Elevate Tennis – a dynamic and enriching experience for young athletes! Led by experienced tennis coaches Emilia and Dominique Esparza, this fun and engaging camp is designed for kids aiming to learn more than just tennis skills. As they step onto the court, campers will grasp the fundamentals of tennis, including techniques, strategies, and sportsmanship. Additionally, they will enhance their overall well-being by developing a love for an active and healthy lifestyle. Our Tennis Camp prioritizes teamwork, enthusiasm, and discipline, creating an environment where children can collaborate and support each other in their tennis journey. Beyond refining their tennis skills, campers will forge new friendships, boost their confidence, and embrace the value of perseverance. Join us this summer for a Tennis Camp that transcends the court, offering a comprehensive experience that shapes young minds, builds character, and instills a passion for the sport. This experience includes Tennis instruction as well as arts and craft and recreational play. We can't wait to share the joy of tennis with your child!

Athletics by Carrollton

Rising Grades 4th - 8th

Our coed Carrollton Athletic Camp is an in-depth program committed to developing fundamental sports skills. Campers are separated by grades into groups to create level-based competitive teams. This multi-sport specialty camp is designed for the sports enthusiast. Each day the campers enjoy a “sport of the day,” focusing on a variety of sports such as Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, and Lacrosse. The daily routine also includes a variety of other sports and camp activities, including daily swim classes and field day recreational sports.

The Art Exploration with the Artsy Hippo

Rising Grades 4th - 8th

Give your child the gift of a creatively enriching summer! Embark on an artistic journey with Carolina Blanco, the owner of The Artsy Hippo! Join her to comprehensively explore various art techniques and mediums in this two-week course. From Painting and Drawing to Printmaking, Sculpting and Mixed Media, our camp offers a rich variety of artistic experiences and will provide a vibrant and inspiring environment for creativity and expression. Carolina, a Miami-based artist, holds a Masters in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti in Terni, Italy, and a Professional Certification in Drawing and Painting from the Accademia Italiana in Florence. With a lifelong passion for art, she specializes in mixed media collages, acrylic paintings, and watercolors. Carolina is also a teaching artist at the Miami Institute of Contemporary Art. Her artworks have been exhibited globally and grace private collections in multiple countries. This summer experience includes morning art instruction, followed by lunch, daily swimming, and recreational play in the afternoons.

Performing Arts with Movement Miami

Rising 4th - 8th

This summer our Performing Arts camp will dive into the world of musicals through the ages with our specially crafted program: "Musicals Through the Decades." From the golden age classics to contemporary hits, campers will journey through the decades, discovering iconic songs, scenes, and dances that have shaped the world of musical theater. Get ready to step into the shoes of characters from different eras! Campers will have the chance to dress up in costumes representing various decades, bringing the magic of each musical to life. They will enhance their vocal and dance skills through engaging workshops and learn show-stopping numbers from different musicals, honing their talents under the guidance of our experienced Movement Miami instructors! Movement Miami strives to enrich every child's life through the Performing Arts with our incredible instructors and nurturing environment that facilitates creativity, confidence, and imagination. This experience includes Performing Arts instruction as well as arts and crafts, daily swimming and recreational play, sports, and beach volleyball on our beach volleyball courts by the water.

Cooking with Chef Alexandra Golovac

Rising 4th - 8th

Calling all aspiring young chefs! We've got an excellent cooking camp for you, and your family will love it too! C.H.E.F. has a mission to teach kids of all ages how to prepare meals, learn about all foods, health and wellness, good eating habits, teamwork, sharing, and table manners, which all lead to a healthy balanced lifestyle. Kids will be able to showcase their creativity and work with other young chefs as they learn to work as a team. Your child will create meals that look great, taste great, and, more importantly, are made from the healthiest, nutrient-dense ingredients. Of course, eating their creation is the best part! Kids love to show off their hard work and accomplishments. It will also teach campers how to use math skills, reading, and even science as we work through the lesson's recipe. C.H.E.F. is a multifaceted program that focuses its concentration on food, healthy eating habits and also exposes children to many valuable life skills. Lets get cooking! Chef Alexandra Golovac brings her passion for food and culinary exploration through teaching and sharing the culinary experience. She earned her Culinary degree and Masters in Gastronomy and Food Studies from Boston University, as well as a certification as a Fitness Nutritionist and Masters Certification from Maryland University of Integrative Health in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health. This summer experience includes culinary instruction in the mornings, followed by lunch, daily swim and recreational play afternoons.