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Pk3 - Grade 3

Camp Carrollton

Campers will rotate through our daily specials provided by our Premier Partners, which include swimming by I-SWIM Academy, Art by Art and Museum Educator Mrs. Lilly Villalba, performing arts and dance provided by Movement Miami, STEM by Snapology, sports by Carrollton Athletics. (Splash play for campers in grades PK3 and PK4)

  • We are proud to offer a six-to-one camper-to-counselor ratio.
  • A knowledgeable and qualified teacher, an assistant teacher, and a junior counselor comprise the team for every group.
  • Campers have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including our Duchesne Pool, Wellness Center, Playgrounds, Classrooms, Art Studio, Dance Studio, and Performance Hall.
  • Campers are grouped by age.

Tennis with Elevate Tennis

Rising Grades 1st-3rd 

Introducing our exciting Tennis Camp in partnership with Elevate Tennis – a dynamic and enriching experience for young athletes! Led by experienced tennis coaches Emilia and Dominique Esparza, this fun and engaging camp is designed for kids aiming to learn more than just tennis skills. As they step onto the court, campers will grasp the fundamentals of tennis, including techniques, strategies, and sportsmanship. Additionally, they will enhance their overall well-being by developing a love for an active and healthy lifestyle. Our Tennis Camp prioritizes teamwork, enthusiasm, and discipline, creating an environment where children can collaborate and support each other in their tennis journey. Beyond refining their tennis skills, campers will forge new friendships, boost their confidence, and embrace the value of perseverance. Join us this summer for a Tennis Camp that transcends the court, offering a comprehensive experience that shapes young minds, builds character, and instills a passion for the sport. This experience includes Tennis instruction as well as arts and craft and recreational play. We can't wait to share the joy of tennis with your child!

Afternoon Private Swimming Lessons with I-Swim Academy

Rising PK3 - Grade 3 

Swimming lessons are a vital part of your child’s development. Our program is designed to help your child learn the skills they will need to be safe in the water. For beginners, we start with performing jumps into the pool, turning around and grabbing the wall, and assisted swims to the wall. As confidence grows, jumps and swims are achieved without help. Once your child is comfortable and confident with safety and basic techniques, we will progress her into breathing, floating, stroke development/improvement, race diving, and diving down to get toys off the floor. For more advanced swimmers, the lesson will focus on stroke perfection, muscle strengthening, and muscle endurance. This will be achieved by training in and out of the pool. Many exercises and stretching movements vital to swimming can be performed out of the pool on the deck. This class will combine these exercises and stretches with swimming laps. Your child will use kickboards, flippers and pull buoys in the pool. They will also do exercises like squat jumps, jumping lunges, burpees, and more. All this combined will help improve your daughter’s endurance and refine the various strokes needed to participate in athletic swimming. These are 30-minute daily lessons Monday – Thursday for a two-week period.